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list of memorable  activities!

2024 Featured Reader at Mixed Metals hosted by Joy Xiang at Bar Orwell
2024 Launch of Secret Sex (Dundurn Press) at Lula Lounge 
2024 Meaningful Congress at Pumice Raft, organized by Parker Kay and Rose Flutur
2023 Winter Solstice Basement Revue at the Paradise Theatre, curated by Emma Healey

2023 International Reading for Freedom of Expression & Solidarity with Palestine, Toronto contingent(24-hour online)
2023 Discussion of On Community with Casey Plett, Queen Books
2023 Brooklyn Review Launch with Cassidy McFadzean, Jack Donnelly, and Jean Marc Ah-Sen
2023 Oral Method organized Esmé Hogeveen, Tommy's Wine Bar
2023 Beautiful Reading with Nicole Raziya Fong, Prathna Lor and Aley Waterman, Montreal
2023 Capsule, organized by Metatron Press, Ursa, Montreal
2023 Hot Off the Press at Public Sweat: Sauna reading with Aisha Sasha John 
2023 Pack Animal with Tiana Reid, Esme Hogeveen, Zoe Imani Sharpe & Claire Freeman Fawcett and 
EJ Kneifel at 87 Wade
2023 Winter Writers' Retreat at the Banff Centre with Lisa Robertson, Nasser Hussain and Holly Melgard
2022 Vacant Nobodies with Lindsay Miles, Khashayar Mohammadi, and Zak Jones
2021 Reading at N Design Studio with Carmella Gray-Cosgrove (St. John's, NL)
2020 Online Word on the Street Panel with Marlowe Granados
2020 Poetics/Ethics: New Work by Queer Poets at the Centre for Ethics, with Gwen Benaway and Sina Queyras
2019 Dirty Laundry with Sophie McCreesh, Cody Caetano and Zak Jones, fundraiser for the Native Youth Resource Centre
2019 hex - hosted with Laura Mccoy ft. Liz Howard, Prathna Lor, and Andrew James Paterson
2018 "The Limits of Empathy: a Triologue" with Tea Hadziristic and Fan Wu
2018 Sex and Drawing: Guided Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point with Nicholas Hauck and Prathna Lor
2018 What Queer Reading? at Knife/Fork/Book with Tanis Franco, Brian Dedora and Zoe Sharpe
2018 Interpretation Station: Astrology at First Thursdays at The Art Gallery of Ontario 
2018 Music for Chameleons, presented at Images Festival with Fan Wu
2017 starred in "The Announcement Made to Mary", dir. Carter West, at Red Flag Gallery
2017 "A Night of Readings", The Table
2017 Small Obstructions, for Jasmine Reimer at Georgie Scherman Gallery
2016 appeared in "Where Have All the Poets Gone?" CBC Documentary by Sook-Yin Lee
2016 "Men" for Trampoline Hall

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